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iTEOX’s mission is innovation through collaborations.

acousto optic characterization
Acousto optic characterization
Electro optic shutter
Electro optic shutter characterization
Electro-optic shutter switched by photoconductors :
Rise time < 50ps

Founded by Thomas Oksenhendler specialist in Ultrafast Laser Technology, the company aims to invent and develop new instruments in Optics and Electronics through strong collaboration with Labs. The know-how of the company is based on photoconductor, electro-optic, acousto-optic, opto-mecanic, non linear optics and lasers.


Through its experience of collaboration with Labs and small companies, Thomas strongly believes that innovations come from open-minded and respectful collaborations.

That's what iTEOX is all about.

What better illustration to this ambitious dedication than delving into past achievements?

As Fastlite Optical R&D manager, Thomas collaborated to achieve numerous innovative products like


Buidling up on this approach, iTEOX aims to spread this spirit more broadly to new devices, new fields and new science.

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