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Equalaser Stabbler
Customization of electro-optics modulators

The Equalaser is a device based on a feedforward loop. The parameter to stabilize (energy, power…) is measured on a sampled part of the beam. It is feed to photoconductors that drive directly a high voltage generator. The high voltage level, driven by the laser parameter to stabilize, is used in an electro-optic modulator to modify the main beam parameter.

Energy stabilization of pulses has been demonstrated this way (see figures) on the pulse itself by opposition to feedback loop.

Very specific know-how on photoconductors, high-voltage and fast electronics are combined with electro-optic technology in this device.

Technical Specifications

Being a true feedforward stabilization device, the Equalaser comes with the following characteristics :

Equalaser principle
  • Wavelength operation range of photoconductors from 300 to 850nm for energy, 600 to 1700nm for power
  • Maximum pulse duration: 10ns
  • Stabilization improvement about 10.
  • Repetition rate from 0.1Hz to 5kHz
  • Required Optical energy on photoconductors: typically 10µJ
  • Optical aperture from 5mm to 25mm.
  • Minimum transmitivity: 50% up to 70%.
  • Typical dimensions : 400x300x200 mm3



The Equalaser is a technology transfer from Fastlite's Stabbler product.





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