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Photoconductors used with ultrashort pulsed laser system were pioneered by Dr. David H. Auston in the seventies. These devices known as “Auston switches” were the beginning of Terahertz generation and detection with pulsed laser system [1].

D.H. Auston has collaborated with Daniel Kaplan on thin film amorphous silicon at Thomson CSF.

Few years later in the 90s, D. Kaplan started the development of a photoconductor in collaboration with M.Bouvier from Medox and G.Mourou from CUOS at Ann Arbor. This photoconductor technology based on GaAs semiconductor has been developed during five years to enable multi kilovolts switching with microjoule level laser pulse.

This technology and know-how are now transferred to iTEOX.

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From collaboration on your products to new experimental set-ups. We can achieve the best state-of-the-art results in the following fields :

  • Labs collaborations on new instruments,
  • Electro-optic knowledge,
  • Acousto-optic,
  • Interferometer, spectroscopy,
  • Metrology.

iTEOX collaboration and custom systems

From its mission, iTEOX strongly believes that new ideas and technologies emerge from collaborations and open-minded exchange of information.

Based on our technologies know-how, scientific and industrial skills, we believe that we can share with you very fruitful collaborations on innovative experiments and technologies.



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