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Thomas Oksenhendler, founder and owner of iTEOX is working in the ultrafast laser community since 1997.

A strong background in lasers

streak camera 100shots accumulation
Streak camera with subpicosecond resolution on 100shots accumulation

After graduating from Institute d'Optique Graduate School in Orsay, he has been working for MEDOX in Ann Arbor on synchronization of streak camera by photoconductors with sub picosecond jitter[1]. Based on this product and the collaboration between Gérard Mourou at the CUOS, Daniel Kaplan from Alliage and Marcel Bouvier from MEDOX Electro-Optics Inc, the Fastlite company is created in 1999. This product is then transferred to AXIS Photoniques. It has been improved and is still commercialized by Christian-Yves Cote and M. Bouvier at AXIS with the photoconductor technology transferred from Fastlite to iTEOX.

From Ph.D. to devices

This development was the first part of Thomas' Ph.D. thesis, applied at Ecole Polytechnique and tutored by Daniel Kaplan from Fastlite and Danièle Hulin from Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée (LOA). The second part dealt with the EQUALASER (STABBLER) and ultrafast Pockels cell (<60ps rise time). During its thesis, Thomas contributes to Fastlite's start-up with Daniel Kaplan.

Pierre Tournois, the other founder of Fastlite effectively came into the company from Thomson CSF with a brilliant idea, the Dazzler, named and developed by Frédéric Verluise (Kylia) during its own Ph.D. thesis. Using the Dazzler, new measurement devices has been proposed and patented by Fastlite such as the Phazzler (last part of the thesis) and the Wizzler.

From Fastlite to iTEOX

From the rich innovative period with Fastlite (4 original products and patents) as Optical R&D Manager, Thomas, who is still involved with Fastlite as Production and Technical site Manager at Orsay, France, decided to start a new company for intense and rich innovation on new fields and technologies.


Main publications

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