iTEOX motivations

Innovations can support sustainable development but we need to change some of our habits.

iTEOX is changing its model to support a sustainable R&D and business model.
But to succeed we also need the habits of research to change.

Our know-how and added value lies more in services and expertise, but our customers often cannot order these services. They are often blocked by their administrations, which impose equipment orders and short missions with air travel.
The change, at least in Europe, must happen now. Allow research laboratories to order services, including in their fields of competence, for European SMEs.
R&D is the place to initiate change and to respect the COP21 commitments. Who can claim to innovate without being able to change?

iTEOX credo

iTEOX’s mission is innovation through collaborations.

We strongly believe that innovations come from new problems, new points of view. Open and strong collaborations are essential in the innovation process.

iTEOX aims to develop new instruments by design thinking on user’s needs.
Based on strong technological background, we want to co develop the instrument you need.

Founded by Thomas Oksenhendler specialist in Ultrafast Laser Technology, the company aims to invent and develop new instruments in Optics and Electronics through strong collaboration with Labs. The know-how of the company is based on interferometry, innovative optical design, photoconductor, electro-optic, acousto-optic, opto-mecanic, non linear optics and lasers.


Through its experience of collaboration with Labs and small companies, Thomas strongly believes that innovations come from open-minded and respectful collaborations.

Buidling up on this approach, iTEOX aims to spread this spirit more broadly to new devices, new fields and new science.

You need new instruments or diagnostics, please ask us about it.