Ultrafast High Power Laser Metrology :

iTEOX new metrology and expertise services

Need to be sure of the characteristics of your high power pulses?
Pulse duration, temporal contrast, stability, spatio-temporal distortions…

Because your system or your needs are unique, iTEOX offers metrology and expertise services to give you access to the true characteristics of your pulses.

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TWAC project : Post-doc open position

Post-doc position open at iTEOX in collaboration with IJCLab for European EIC Pathfinder TWAC project.

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IFR for CPA Laser simulation

Instantaneous Frequency Representation Used for CPA Laser Simulation in collaboration with Helmoltz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

Simulation of B integral generated pre-pulses distortions and contrast optimization

Oksenhendler, Thomas, Stefan Bock, and Ulrich Schramm. 2021. “Instantaneous Frequency Representation Used for CPA Laser Simulation” Applied Sciences 11, no. 19: 8934.



High Dynaminc single shot Spatio-temporal characterization in Collaboration with Helmoltz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

Single shot high contrast measurement of TW/PW class laser up to 10^8 on 18ps

Thomas Oksenhendler, Pierre Bizouard, Olivier Albert, Stefan Bock, and Ulrich Schramm, “High dynamic, high resolution and wide range single shot temporal pulse contrast measurement,” Opt. Express25, 12588-12600 (2017)


Coming soon … Strehlometer

Interested in single shot diagnostic of your real spatio-temporal Strehl ratio??

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