News: UV pulse generation and shaping based on Tiltan technology

News: In collaboration with O.Gobert from CEA Paris-Saclay (CEA/DSM/IRAMIS/SPAM/SLIC), new SHG/THG/SHG² devices have been developed. Ensuring robustness, high efficiency, good spatial quality, excellent energy and pointing stability, shaping capability, this unique technology is now available for your most demanding applications. Do not hesitate to ask us.

Ultrafast High Power Laser Metrology :

High dynamic Spectral-temporal measurement

News: “Spectral-temporal measurement capabilities of third-order correlators” has been published describing a methode doing contrast measurements spectrally resolved. This enables a clearer view on the contrast conditions and spectral-temporal features of high-power lasers. Another step in the collaboration with the Draco team with Stefan Bock @HZDR in Dresden (Germany) (and KPSI in Kyoto, Japan) in understanding the complex temporal contrast problems.
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New version of the chapter on pulse shaping theory

New version of the chapter Theory of pulse shaping techniques and experimental implementations for femtosecond pulses
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iTEOX new metrology and expertise services

Need to be sure of the characteristics of your high power pulses?
Pulse duration, temporal contrast, stability, spatio-temporal distortions…

Because your system or your needs are unique, iTEOX offers metrology and expertise services to give you access to the true characteristics of your pulses.

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IFR for CPA Laser simulation

Instantaneous Frequency Representation Used for CPA Laser Simulation in collaboration with Helmoltz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

Simulation of B integral generated pre-pulses distortions and contrast optimization

Oksenhendler, Thomas, Stefan Bock, and Ulrich Schramm. 2021. “Instantaneous Frequency Representation Used for CPA Laser Simulation” Applied Sciences 11, no. 19: 8934.



High Dynaminc single shot Spatio-temporal characterization in Collaboration with Helmoltz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf

Single shot high contrast measurement of TW/PW class laser up to 10^8 on 18ps

Thomas Oksenhendler, Pierre Bizouard, Olivier Albert, Stefan Bock, and Ulrich Schramm, “High dynamic, high resolution and wide range single shot temporal pulse contrast measurement,” Opt. Express25, 12588-12600 (2017)


Coming soon … Strehlometer

Interested in single shot diagnostic of your real spatio-temporal Strehl ratio??

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